At Engiprojects, we innovate and transform...

Our Services

Project Consulting

At Engiprojects, we innovate and transform. We provide you all the support through all the process.

Civil Engineering

At Engiprojects, we do coordination and construction supervision, and monitor the durability of concrete structures. We also design strategies to increase their service life.


At Engiprojects, we offer strategies and action plans to mitigate corrosion problems of reinforced concrete stuctures and to improve the performance of metallic materials.

Project Development and Management

At Engiprojects, we do the development and the submission of a proposal. After financing, we do the project management.


Data analysis will help our clients with innovative strategies improving their performance.

Sustainability & Resource

At Engiprojects, we provide solutions so that the economy and the environment can thrive in harmony. New business models and technologies allow companies to use natural resources more balanced and productively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop intelligent and innovative solutions to help our clients, with the main objective of satisfying the requirements of each customer, both in terms of quality and efficiency.


We help our clients achieve maximum productivity.


With Engiprojects the economy and the environment can thrive in harmony.


We help our clients to achive maximum performance.


We help our clients through innovation in services, processes, products, and business models.


Engiprojects is focused on delivering premium quality services to our clients.


We provide stability, clarity and agility in crucial moments to help our clients through difficult processes and negotiations.

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Our Works

Engiprojects was responsible for the development of several rehabilitation and construction engineering projects as well as the coordination and safety supervision of rehabilitation buildings.
Participated in the elaboration and submission of a research project, through the Balcão2020 platform, in the call N.º 02/SAICT/2017 – Systems of Support to Scientific Research and Technological Development (IC&DT), whose results are yet to be confirmed. This project was submitted in partnership with the Universidade do Minho and the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC, Porto).

Our Team

At Engiprojects, we are a multidisciplinary and experienced team, integrating two Civil Engineers, a Chemical Engineer, a MBA a PhD in Chemistry, a Computer Engineer and an Agronomist Engineer.




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